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We have a multi-country team of professional certification and clinically experienced doctors! The clinic currently has the Canadian-American-Japanese Orthopaedic Research Institute, the Chinese Medicine Treatment Department, the Chinese Medicine Health Department, the Natural Medicine Beauty Department, the Natural Therapy Department. Adhering to the combination of traditional Chinese medicine classics and modern science and technology, To achieve testing - treatment - health - medical beauty systematic one-stop service., Comprehensive solutions for a variety of appeals! We accept private custom services, according to individual differences to develop the best treatment of health care and beauty programs, so that you with the loss of years to increase the rich experience and physical health and not old face!
TCM Therapy Department

Acupuncture Herbal Medicine TCM Diagnostics Electro-acupuncture TDP Infrared therapy

Traditional Chinese Therapy

Meridian Detoxification Three-part therapy Chiropractic Massage Cupping Pain Relief

Facial Treatment

Cosmetic Acupuncture korean Micro-Needling program HydraFacial

FDS Russian technology human cell frequency information detection complete set, human gas field energy detection, quantum body mental health testing, BARS body program energy therapy, cell energy balance improvement therapy, negative energy cleansing and body recombination therapy.

Osteo-Height Enhancing Department

Japanese-Korean bone muscle surgery, painless spinal bone overall reset therapy, Japanese pelvic kneading, leg-type correction, Japanese-style ascension.

Traditional Treatment

  • Pediatrics

    Stunted children, ADHD, autism, depression, vomiting, food accumulation, insect accumulation, urine, polio sequelae, thrush, thrush, etc.

  • Dermatology

    macular spots, spot deposits, blackness, urticaria, rubella, psoriasis, acne, dermatitis, baldness, hair loss, fungal infections, shingles, etc.

  • Tramotology and Orthopedics

    Sports injuries, falls, rheumatism, cervical vertebral disease, lumbar vertebral disease, shoulder inflammation, tendonitis, arthritis, tennis elbows, sciatic nerve pain, golf elbows, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

  • Gynecology

    Menstruation, menstruation, menopausal syndrome, infertility, postpartum disease, breast hyperplus uterine fibroids, itching, uterine sagging, etc.


About Carry Leng

About Carry Leng
Carry Leng
Carry Leng
Carry Leng is BC Registered Chinese Acupuncturist, HerbalIst, Member of Natural Aesthetic Medicine Association.

Carry Leng was born into a family of Traditional Chinese medicine and has been in Canada for more than 10 years since graduating from Chinese Medicine. Grandmother is a well-known local Chinese medicine, especially good at pediatrics and all kinds of difficult diseases.

In the clinical combination of ancestral Chinese medicine technology and Dong's Qi Cave, Liu's head needle and other types of Chinese medicine school essence, self-created system therapy, emphasizing the repair of human system functions to speed up the recovery of local conditions, reduce the recurrence of disease, for all types of pain has its fast and effective set of systematic treatment and rehabilitation methods. Medication adhering to the classic, popularization, the use of safety tested scientific Chinese medicine, for chronic diseases have a good effect, reduce and avoid dependence on Western medicine.

In 2015, cold physicians joined the North American Association of Natural Medicine and Beauty, advocating the use of natural medicine cosmetic acupuncture (Korea INNO doctor's micro-needle facelift) to achieve the effect of facial micro-facelift, so as to maintain the best condition of the face without any side effects and risks.。

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