STT Oriental Medical

We have multi-disciplinary team of therapists with rich clinical experience! We provide one-stop service, including Detection-Acupuncture-Moxibustion-Suction Cup-Chinese Manipulative Therapy-Prescribing-Compounding or Dispensing Chinese Herbal Formulae-Chinese Food Cure Recipes-Osteo-Massage-Detoxing-Medical Beauty and Body Shaping. We provide our clients with customized healthcare and beauty solutions.
TCM Therapy Department

  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal Medicine
  • TCM Diagnostics
  • Moxibustion
  • Suction Cup
  • Blood-letting Therapy
  • Auricular Needle
  • Fire Needle

Preventive Medicine Therapy

  • Meridian Detoxification Three-part therapy
  • Lymphatic Detoxing Massage
  • Ovarian and Uterine Maintenance
  • Breast Maintenance
  • Herbal Cuisine
  • Qi and Blood warming Therapy
  • IPL Therapy
  • Negative-ion Potentiometric Therapy
  • Qi and Blood warming Therapy
  • High-Frequency fat solution

Anti-Aging Department

  • Skin Test
  • Physiodermie Skin Care(Swiss craft)
  • Vacumm Fractional Micro Needle RF Multiplex Treatment
  • APL(Acne Photo Light) Treatment
  • Photodynamic Therapy
  • Spot Removing Treatment
  • Roller Needle Treatment for Acne and Scar
  • Roller Needle for Hair Growing
  • Biological Micro-dermabrasion Therapy
  • Facial Needle Treatment

Osteo-Massage Department

  • Myofascial Release
  • Osteopathic Massage
  • Teenager height increase treatment
  • Pelvic Correction
  • Leg shape Correction
  • Face Re-Sculpture

Traditional Treatment

  • Pediatrics

    Pediatric dysplasia, ADHD, Autism, Depression, Vomiting, Food accumulation, Insect accumulation, Urine, etc.

  • Dermatology

    Macular spots, Blackness, urticaria, Rubella, Psoriasis, Acne, Dermatitis, Baldness, Hair loss, Fungal infections, Shingles, etc.

  • Orthopedics

    Sports injuries, falls, rheumatism, cervical vertebral disease, lumbar vertebral disease, shoulder inflammation, tendonitis, arthritis, tennis elbows, sciatic nerve pain, golf elbows, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

  • Gynecology

    Menstruation, menstruation, menopausal syndrome, infertility, postpartum disease, breast hyperplus uterine fibroids, itching, uterine sagging, etc.


About Carry Leng

Carry Leng
Carry Leng
Carry Leng, R.TCM.P. R. Acupuncturist, R. Herbalist, Quantum therapist, Access Bars Healer.

Carry Leng was born in a TCM family and lives in Canada more than 15 years. Carry Leng creates her own systematic treatment system and unique treatment method, combine tradition with modern science and technology which help patients recover quickly and stable.

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